gempa plugins documentation

This is the joint documentation for various plugins developed by gempa GmbH for SeisComP and modules by gempa. The plugins are provided with packages mapprojections, recordstream or magnitudes.


mbtiles: High-resolution maps show topography and infrastructure at any given detail.

mapprojections - spherical projection

mapprojections: Spherical projection for undistorted view on polar regions.

mapprojections: Kavrayskiy projection

mapprojections: Kavrayskiy projection for balanced view world-wide.


mapmultigrid: Maps can show grids which update automatically.


Map plugins

Plugins provided with the package mapprojections.

RecordStream plugins

Plugins provided with the package recordstream.

Amplitudes and Magnitudes

Plugins provided with the package magnitudes.

Configuration Parameters

Global module and bindings configuration as well as command-line options which may be relevant for some plugins.