The yield of explosions can be computed from magnitudes. The computation is provided by the yield plugin.

Station yield

The station yield values are computed from mb station magnitudes by:

mb = A * log_{10}(yield) + B

where A and B can be configured in yield section of the gobal bindings configuration.

  • yield unit: kilotons (kt)

  • original magnitude: mb

Network yield

By default, the trimmed mean is calculated from the station magnitudes to form the network yield. To stabilize the network magnitudes the smallest and the largest 12.5% of the station yield values are are removed before calculating the network yield.


Make yield computations available:

  • Add the yield plugin to the existing plugins in the global configuration:

    plugins = ${plugins}, yield
  • Add a magnitude type profile named “yield” in the global bindings configuration with A and B corresponding to the multiplier A and the offset B, respectively.

    Default values are considered from Ringdal et al. [19].




Geographic area


Ringdal et al. [19]



North America and Central Asia

nuclear explosion

Murphy [17]



Nevada Test Site (NTS)

nuclear explosion

Compute yield automatically:

  • For automatic computation of yield, add yield to the amplitudes in scamp [8] and to the magnitudes in scmag [9].

  • The yield should not be used to compute summary magnitudes by scmag [9]. Add yield to summaryMagnitude.blacklist in the configuration of scmag, scmag.cfg, to ignore yield when computing the summary magnitude.