The mbtiles plugin provides the ability to load maps from tiles (Tiles [5]) in a SQLite database or OpenStreetMaps tile servers (Tile servers [4]). Map tiles are e.g. used by the high-resolution maps provided by gempa.


High-resolution map by gempa.


  1. Install the SQLite Qt database driver.

  2. Add the mbtiles plugins to global configuration (global.cfg)

    plugins = ${plugins}, mbtiles
  3. Configure the map source, type and format:

    • for files in a SQLite database files:

      map.location = /home/data/maps/high-resolution-gempa-maps.mbtiles
      map.type = mbtiles
    • for map tiles from a tile server (Tile servers [4]). You may add a tile cache for storing and accessing downloaded tiles on disc:

      map.type = osm
      map.location = http://[server]]/%l/%c/%r.png
      map.osm.maxLevel = 10
      map.osm.cacheDir = /home/data/maps/OSM
      map.osm.cacheDuration = -1