This website contains the documentation of plugins developed by gempa GmbH for SeisComP and gempa modules.

Map plugins

Available with the package mapprojections are the plugins enhancing maps:

  1. mapmultigrid: Plot one or more grid files on maps and update them dynamically.

  2. mapprojections: Add multiple map projections.

  3. mbtiles: Load maps from tile files or from OpenStreetMap [2] online sources.

  4. tscombine: Load maps from various sources to specific maps, with with higher zoom level in certain areas.

RecordStream plugins

The recordstream package provides plugins for RecordStreams in addition to RecordStreams provided by OpenSource SeisComP.

Available with the package recordstream are the plugins:

  1. rsfailover: Add failover mechanisms for automatically switching from unavailable to available record sources.

  2. rsrouter: Provide routing feature with station-dependent record sources.

Magnitude plugins

The magnitudes package provides plugins for computing magnitudes of different types.

Available with the package magnitudes are:

  1. yield: Compute the yield of explosions from mb magnitudes.

  2. Other magnitude types.