ESE modules documentation#

This is the documentation for the SED-ETHZ EEW SeisComP modules.


The SED-ETHZ SeisComP EEW modules (Massin, Clinton & Boese, 2021).#


Since 2021, the SED-ETHZ SeisComP EEW framework includes two EEW algorithms, the Virtual Seismologist and the Finite-Fault Rupture Detector. They are supported by generic pre-processing and post-processing modules. Their architecture is designed to be flexible and extensible to also include other EEW algorithms in the future.

The architecture of the SED-ETHZ SeisComP EEW package is based on a common, generic envelope processing library, compiled within the sceewenv module, that generates real-time envelope values for horizontal and vertical acceleration, velocity, and displacement from raw acceleration and velocity waveforms. The envelopes are uses by two EEW algorithms:

In addition, the sceewlog module creates log output and mails solutions once a new event is fully processed. It also provides an interface to send alerts in real-time.

EEW license#

The ESE modules are free and open-source. Currently, they are distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License [1] (Free Software Foundation, version 3 or later).


Table of Contents#


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