rtDD documentation


This is documentation for rtDD software in version 1.8.3, which consists in the module scrtdd and few other scripts and resources documented in here. Full release information can be found here.

scrtdd is a SeisComP extension module developed at the Swiss Seismological Service that implements Double-Difference event relocation both in Real-Time, one event at the time, and classic offline mode, where an earthquake catalog is relocated as a whole.


Installation from binaries

You can find compiled version of this module at https://data.gempa.de/packages/Public/. The installation file is a compressed tar archive containing the binary distribution of this module, which can be extracted in your SeisComP installation folder and used right after.

Installation from source code

The development page of the rtDD project can be found at https://github.com/swiss-seismological-service/scrtdd. There you can find instructions for the compilation of the software.