Plugin: evsceval

evsceval is a plugin provided by sceval for scevent [5].


evsceval sets the type and the certainty of an event by:

  1. Comments check: If the preferred origin of an event contains the maxGap comment, the event type is set according to sceval.maxGap unless disabled by configuration. The configured event type may take any string value defined in the EventType documentation. The maxGap comment itself is set by sceval as configured by maxGap.

  2. Percentage check: The percentage of rejected origins of an event is calculated if the event has no manual origins. If the percentage exceeds mismatchScore.rejected, the event certainty is set to suspected unless disabled by configuration.

  3. Multiple-agency check: The plugin tests the agency ID of all origins associated to an event. If the event contains origins with multipls agency IDs defined in sceval.multipleAgency.targetAgency and the origin is neither manual nor the status is rejected, confirmed or final, the origin status is set to the value configured in sceval.multipleAgency.originStatus. The changed origin status can be used as an additional criterion for further processing such as publication on websites or for setting the event type by scevent [5].


  • Setting event type and certainty correctly requires SeisComP in version >= 5.0.0. In lower version, values from manual processing may be overwritten by automatic ones.

  • Besides evsceval, scevent [5] can load other plugins such as evrc that comes with scevent. If other plugins also set the event type, the event type is overwritten in the order of which the plugins are configured and loaded by scevent.


The evsceval plugin is configured in the module configuration of scevent [5]. To make the plugin available add the plugin evsceval to the plugins parameter. The plugins are executed in the order of configuration. In case of multiple listings in global.cfg or scevent.cfg only the first occurrence is considered. Thus, if other plugins exist which set event parameters, the order determines the priority.

Adjust scevent.cfg:

  1. Load the evsceval plugin: Add to the global configuration or to the global configuration of scevent in the order of priority.

    plugins = ${plugins}, evsceval
    sceval.setEventType = true
  2. Configure sceval.maxGap defining the event type set if the preferred origin of an event has a maxGap comment. sceval sets the maxGap comment if the GAP criterion is met. Currently supported value are listed as string values in the EventType documentation.

    sceval.maxGap = "not locatable"
  3. Configure sceval.rejected to set the event certainty.

    sceval.rejected = 25
  4. Configure the parameters related to the multiple-agency check.

    sceval.multipleAgency.targetAgency = agency, agency1
    sceval.multipleAgency.originStatus = reported


scevent fails to set the event type if the evsceval plugin is loaded but sceval.maxGap is not defined.

The plugin overwrites the event type set before. The type of events which have manual origins will not be changed.