Dense Travel-Time Tables

The default travel time tables of SeisComP for LOCSAT [4] provide the times in intervals of 1 degree epicentral distance. Thus, the curvature of the travel-time curve at closer distance is not well imaged potentially resulting in wrong locations or missing event solutions. Therefore, the LOCSAT tables, iasp91_scanloc, based on the IASP91 model with higher spacial sampling are added to the scanloc package. The table files are located in $SEISCOMP_ROOT/share/locsat/tables.


gempa may provide additional travel-time tables as a service based on custom velocity models. Contact us for any related request.


Figure 40: Differences between P-wave travel times in the standard iasp91 tables for LOCSAT and the iasp91_scanloc tables provided with scanloc for an event at 5 km depth.


Configure association.table and locator.profile with iasp91_scanloc for making use of the provided LOCSAT tables.

# Type of travel-time tables for phase association. May be different from locator.
# Use e.g. libtau or LOCSAT.
association.tableType = LOCSAT

# Name of travel-time table used for phase association. May be different from locator
# profile.
association.table = iasp91_scanloc

# The locator type to use
locator.type = LOCSAT

# The locator profile to use
locator.profile = iasp91_scanloc