Auxiliary Scripts

The scanloc package also ships with auxiliary scripts for real-time or non-real-time playbacks and tuning. For these tools, the usual options (-h, --debug, etc.) apply. Read the Examples and Playbacks section for example applications.


dump_picks reads picks and amplitudes from a database and writes them to file or the commandline in XML format (SCML). Control the database request to filter by

  • Author (--author) contributing the object,

  • Comparison with inventory (--check-inventory),

  • Object evaluation mode (--mode),

  • Object evaluation status (--manual, --automatic),

  • Region of contributing station (--region),

  • Time (--time-window, --hours, --start).


dump_picks -h
dump_picks -t "2022-01-20 13:52:00~2022-01-20 13:57:00" -d localhost --author l1autopick


Multiple SCML files can be merged into one using scxmlmerge [18].


playback_picks plays back picks with amplitudes from XML files at normal or different speed and send them to the messaging system. playback_picks supports multiple pipelines. The script allows controlling:

  • Message groups: Append the message groups for sending picks and amplitudes.

  • Mode (--mode): In real-time mode a constant number of seconds is added to pick, creation and amplitude reference times when sending to the messaging for mimicking real-time placks at current time. The seconds to add is derived from the time of the first option. Default mode is historic.

  • Speed (--speed): Set a speed factor.

  • Start (--jump): Ignore the first objects within the given number of seconds.

  • Timing (--timing): Define the sorting of the objects. Default is creationTime. Consider the comments on timing in section Examples and Playbacks.


playback_picks -h
playback_picks picks.xml:PICK:AMPLITUDE l1picks.xml:L1PICK:AMPLITUDE --timing pickTime