Tsunami Simulation Plugins

Plugins allow to generate or to select tsunami simulations and to load their corresponding parameters and results into TOAST.

On-the-fly simulation

Plugins for on-the-fly simulations flexibly accept earthquake source parameters to trigger new simulations and to read the results during runtime of TOAST. Therefore, on-the-fly simulations allow to quickly react to earthquake parameter updates and to provide realistic tsunami simulations for given scenarios. Due to the real-time character of the simulation, the applied algorithms are highly optimized for computational speed.

Simulation databases

Plugins connecting to databases with precalculated tsunami simulations allow a very fast access to tsunami wave parameters for a predefined scenario. The plugins select a simulation based on the rupture parameters of the triggering event. They are specific to the type of the simulation database.

The simulation databases are created by backend software for a given set of considered tsunami scenarios including earthquake magnitude, location and other assumptions on rupture parameters, geology and bathymetry. The backend thus determines the structure of the database.

Pre-calculating simulations allows to use tsunami propagation algorithms which are too slow for on-the-fly simulation but which may provide a higher level of detail. However, they are confined to the considered source parameters and less flexible in reacting to updates.

Currently, there exist plugins connecting to simulation databases created by different software including

Contact us for development of plugins tailored to your specific simulation database.


EasyWave does not compute tides, this is why in the Waveform picker the Tsunami waveform filter should be applied to observations for comparison.