How to enable/disable gap interpolation for waveform data?

By default TOAST fills gaps up to 3600 seconds. For each stream the length can be configured through the parameter maxGapTolerance in the bindings configuration. To disable the gap interpolation, set this parameter to zero. An example configuration is given below:

<parameterSet publicID="ioc.VZ.OMAE.3913">
     <parameter publicID="Parameter#20111101123322.090638.1578">

How to remove spikes from traces?

The removal of spikes can be done via a special filter, called CUTOFF, and is supported in the traces perspective as well as the manual picker. This filter allows only an amplitude difference between two samples of a configurable size. The size has to be specified in millimeters. To allow only a difference of one meter use the following example:


The CUTOFF filter should be applied before other filters.