sceval automatically discriminates origins due to real earthquakes or other sources from fake solutions in real or non-real time supporting high-quaility monitoring by SeisComP systems.

Reliable automatic monitoring of seismicity at low magnitudes is challenging due to the low number and the possibly low quality of available phase detections. Therefore, automatic systems are often tuned to only accept robust solutions with many observations preventing fake events. Such systems potentially miss weak events resulting in incomplete earthquake catalogs. Applying sceval, the sensitvity of the monitoring can be increased for the risk of potentially obtaining more false solutions which are, however, falgged thereafter. sceval therefore supports reliable seismic monitoring with high sensitivity.


  • High-sensitivity, high-quality seismic monitoring,

  • Networks with large or small aperture,

  • Confirmation of real / flagging of fake solutions,

  • Networks with noisy stations having many false phase detections.

Promotion at Science Conferences

sceval has been demonstrated, promoted and discussed with scientists and the SeisComP community at international science conferences, e.g.:

  1. D. Roessler, B. Weber, E. Ellguth, J. Spazier the team of gempa: Evaluierung der Qualität und Geschwindigkeit von Erdbebendetektionen in SeisComP3, 2017, Bad Breisig, Germany, AG Seismologie meeting

  2. D. Roessler, B. Weber, E. Ellguth, J. Spazier the team of gempa: EVALUATION OF EARTHQUAKE DETECTION PERFORMANCE IN TERMS OF QUALITY AND SPEED IN SEISCOMP3 USING NEW MODULES QCEVAL, NPEVAL AND SCEVAL , 2017, New Orleans, USA, AGU Fall Meeting, abstract S13B-0648.