QuakeLink ships with a server, plugins and modules for connecting systems and for external interaction with the QuakeLink database.


For all these modules, the usual options (-h, –debug, etc.) apply. See the individual tool descriptions and the Examples section for their applications.


The quakelink server collects and provides the event parameters in real time. Station parameters can be requested. The event parameters are provided to and fetched from the server by plugins which send the data to SeisComP or another quakelink server.

Plugins and Modules

The plugins and modules connect Quakelink servers with SeisComP systems or other Quakelink servers:

  • fdsnws2ql (module): Fetch event parameters from one or more

    external servers providing FDSNWS.

  • ql2ql: Import event parameters from other QuakeLink instance(s) into QuakeLink in real time.

  • qlplayback (module): Playback event parameters from files in a QuakeLink archive.

  • ql2sc [1]: Import SeisComP objects (event parameters) from QuakeLink server(s) into SeisComP in real time. ql2sc ships with the free SeisComP [18].

  • qlpush (module): Push event parameters in SCML to a QuakeLink server. Can also be used to remove objects from the server.

  • qltool (module): Retrieve data from a QuakeLink server.

  • sc2ql (plugin): Export SeisComP objects (event parameters) from SeisComP to a QuakeLink server in real time.