Waveform Quality ControlΒΆ

The quality of waveforms and their similarity is crucial for array detections:

  • Signals to be detected should be coherent accross the array, noise should be incoherent.

  • Coherent data noise or large-amplitude noise may degrade overall waveform similarities.

  • Data gaps may results in strong coherent artefacts at the next beginning of the waveforms due filtering. If many traces of an array are affected at similar times, erroneous detections may be resulting due to large coherency accross the affectd array elements.

Therefore, only high-quality waveforms should be considered and noisy data or waveforms with gaps should be removed by waveform quality control (QC):

  • Empty traces and data gaps will be generally ignored.

  • Interactive waveform QC: In the Waveforms tab of the main window waveforms can be visually inspected and interactively removed.

  • Automatic waveform QC: Disregard low-quality waveforms in autolambda by activating profiles.base.$name.stripBadChannels: Channels as used by the array methods are compared with all other channels and ignored if their similarity with more then 50% of the other channels is below 50%.