AUTOLAMBDA and LAMBDA are 2 separate software modules for automatic and interactive analysis of data from

  • Seismic ararys

  • Infrasound arrays.

Both modules are based on the same methods for detection, signal discrimination and event location.

We apply science in our developments. Find out in our reference list where we got inspired.


Applications of autolambda and lambda are:

  • Detection and location of teleseismic earthquakes,

  • Decetion and location of nuclear explosions,

  • Detection of microseismic events within inhomogeneous networks where a station group can be considered an event.

Promotion at science conferences

LAMBDA has been demonstrated, promoted and discussed with scientists and the SeisComP community at international science conferences, e.g.:

  • D. Roessler, J. Becker, B. Weber: Array analysis for monitoring micro-seismicity and teleseismic earthquakes in SeisComP3, 2018, Washington DC, USA, AGU Fall Meeting, abstract S42C-08.