GAPS provides modules for interacting with a SeisComP system by web browser. It ships with a server and highly interactive modern web applications to monitor seismic activity and to show real time data of your network or monitor station quality. Event information is accessed in real-time and from archive via QuakeLink [3]. QuakeLink is therefore provided along with GAPS.

GAPS is optimized for multiple users, security and high load. It serves static files in formats like CSS, HTML, JS and exposes an Ajax API to receive SeisComP objects like picks, quality parameters as well as data records in real time. GAPS complements QuakeLink to build interactive and responsive web applications for SeisComP.

Herein, we discriminate between

  • GAPS as the name of the gempa software product and

  • gaps for the module which provides the server and the web frontends and which can be configured and started within a SeisComP system.

For requirements, installation and configuration of gaps start reading the section Overview but for a user tutorial read the section Application: Client Modules.