Station metadata configurator the old way.


Switching from Zurich release and before to new releases means also to lose the old seiscomp config which allowed to edit configuration parameters (superseded by scconfig) and station metadata.

To make the transition phase easier for users that still manage their inventory with key files, this important part has been made available in this version as well.

$ seiscomp exec stationconf
SeisComP version 3.0 (2012.229)

A) Add/Edit network
R) Remove network
W) Write configuration and quit
Q) Quit without writing configuration
Command? [A]:

When the configuration is written with w, an inventory XML file is created in etc/inventory named stations-key.xml. From this point the same procedures needs to be applied as if a new inventory file has been added to etc/inventory, namely seiscomp update-config inventory.

Porting stations from older versions

To port station key files from older version to this version, the only thing that needs to be done is to copy 3 directories:

  • old/key to new/etc/key-2.5/key
  • old/config to new/etc/key-2.5/config
  • old/resp to new/etc/key-2.5/resp