Ncurses output plugin for scm which presents an interactive table of processes.


The output is a table where each row contains the information of a certain connected client. The rows are sorted in descending order based on the contents of the name column. Other columns can be interactively selected with the left and right arrow key. The r key changes the sorting to ascending order. The displayed parameter are the name of the binary (prog), the name of the client (name), the name of the host name from which the client is connected (host), the available memory on the clients host in kb (hmem), the clients memory usage in kb (cmem), the percentage of the clients memory usage (mem), the CPU usage (cpu), the amount of queued messages to be processed by the client (q), the average number of messages in the queue (mq), the connection time of the client to the master (uptime), the elapsed time since the last client update (resp).


top like perspective of ncurses plugin


The Ncurses plugin is installed under share/plugins/monitor/

To add the plugin to scm, add it to the plugin list:

plugins = ${plugins}, mncursesplugin