Installation and Update


Recommended: Download and install the package using gsm. This is the simplest and the recommeded way.

  1. Get and install gsm

    mkdir $HOME/install
    cd $HOME/install
    tar xvf gempa-gsm.tar.gz
    rm gempa-gsm.tar.gz
  2. Initial setup

    cd gsm
    ./gsm setup

    Follow the instructions.

  3. Installation

    ./gsm update
    ./gsm install lambda

Manual installation (not preferred): Download the package file and unpack it from the directory above the $SEISCOMP_ROOT directory:

tar xvf <package-file-name>

Both procedures will result in a complete installation. However, gsm remembers the installation. During updates with gsm only required files will be kept while manual installations will eventually result in an accumulation of old files, e.g. libraries.

Package update

For updating apply the same procedure as for installation. We recommend to use gsm for updating. Old files not required or provided with the new version will be removed. Additionally restart the modules after installation

gsm update
gsm install lambda
seiscomp stop autolambda
seiscomp update-config trunk
seiscomo start autolambda


  • When unpacking using tar, any updated module must be stopped before unpacking.

  • Stopping and starting of autolambda is optional.

  • During updates all files provided with the package are overwritten including default configurations. User-defined configurations will not be changed. In order to keep changes of files also provided by the installation package, give different names to the changed files.