Event Classification

ccloc ships with evccloc, a plugin for scevent [6] used for classifying events based on the event type of the template event.

If the template event has an event type, then ccloc writes a comment to the new origin created by ccloc. The comment contains the event type. The evclcoc plugin reads the event type from the comment and sets the type of the new event accordingly.

scevent procedure

The plugin evccloc can be used by scevent. Events in SeisComP are tested for comments created by ccloc. When events have multiple origins with event type comments by ccloc the comment of the latest of these origins is considered for setting the event type.

The evccloc plugin is configured in the module configuration of scevent [6]. To make the plugin availabe add the plugin evccloc to the plugins parameter. The plugins are executed in the order of configuration. In case of multiple listings in global.cfg or scevent.cfg, only the first occurrence is considered. Thus, if other plugins exist which set event parameters, the order determines the priority. Overwriting the event type can be controlled:

  • Overwriting an existing event type is enabled by default but can be disbled by configuring ccloc.overwriteEventType.

  • Setting the event type if the event contains manual origins is disabled by default but can be enabled by configuring ccloc.overwriteManual.


  1. Add the evccloc plugin to the configuration of scevent in the order of priority:

    plugins = evccloc
  2. Set the plugin parameters in the scevent configuration:

    • ccloc.setEventType: Read the event type comment set by ccloc for the origin and apply it to the event. If enabled, all origins of the event are tested for the ccloc event type comment. The type comment of the last origin is used to set the comment.

    • ccloc.overwriteEventType: Overwrite existing event types by the type set by ccloc. Disabling ignores all type comments if the event has a type.

    • ccloc.overwriteManual: Allow setting the event type if the event has a manual origin. Disabling ignores all type comments if the event has a manual origin.