Data Acquisition by Plugins

While the caps server can serve data in basically any given format in real time and from archive, the data are fetched from external sources and provided to caps by acquisition plugins.

CAPS also provides tools for retrieval of data from CAPS servers to seedlink or to files.

The acquisition plugins allow to flexibly connect to many different sources and fetch data in many different formats. They provide the data to the caps server. The plugins specifically provided by the CAPS packages in addition to all available seedlink plugins can be considered.

Plugins by CAPS

Since CAPS was brought to the market more and more plugins have been developed. The most import CAPS plugins are:

Plugin name Description
caps2caps Mirrors data between different CAPS instances. All packet types are supported.
crex2caps CREX CAPS plugin. Reads CREX data from file and pushes the data into the given CAPS server.
edas2caps Reads EDAS sensor data directly from station and pushes it into CAPS.
gdi2caps Import data from Guralp GDI server.
jw2caps Provide support for Joy Warrior Mem sensors connected by USB.
ngl2caps Reads GPS data from file and sends it to CAPS.
orb2caps Provides miniSEED data from an Antelope ORB. Operates on the Antelope system.
rtpd2caps Collects data from a RefTeK RTPD server. The data is stored in the RAW format.
rs2caps Collects data from a SeisComP RecordStream. The data is either stored in the RAW or MiniSeed format.
slink2caps Uses the available SeedLink plugins to feed data from other sources into CAPS. Data can be retrieved from any sources for which a SeedLink plugins exists. The data will be converted into MiniSeed format.
sproc2caps Real-time combination, renaming, filtering and manipulation of data from the recordstream interface.
tidetool2caps Reads TideTool decoded data from file and pushes it into CAPS.
v4l2caps Video for Linux capture plugin
win2caps WIN CAPS plugin. Sends data read from socket or file to CAPS.
yet2caps Reads YET packets from file and pushes into CAPS.


While the Seedlink plugins are selected and configured in the bindings configuration of seedlink, the CAPS plugins run independently. Therefore, they are enabled and started as daemon modules or executed on demand. These plugins are configured like a module by module configuration.