Provides miniSEED data from an Antelope ORB. Operates on the Antelope system.


The orb2caps plugin is an application independent of SeisComP transferring real time data from an Antelope ORB to a CAPS server. The plugin is configured and it runs on the same machine as the Antelope system. All data is encoded as miniSEED Steim2 on the server side prior to transfer.


  1. Copy the orb2caps binary to Antelope bin folder of the respective Antelope version. Example:

    cp orb2caps /opt/antelope/[version]/bin/
  2. Edit rtexec.pf in the rtsystem folder

    • add entry in process table:

      Processes &Tbl{
      # <name>    <executable including parameters>
      orb2caps  orb2caps -m 'OM.*/MGENC/(ACC|M100|MBB)' localhost:6510
    • add entry in run list for automatic startup:

      Run     &Arr{
      # name of registered process
  3. Check if the plugin is running:

    ps aux | grep orb2caps